Editing Services


Shelby’s Guarantee

As a writer, I know how challenging it can be to struggle with confidence as a writer. Though my job is to constructively critique your work and point out weak areas, you can guarantee that I will also commend and compliment the areas that are working particularly well within your manuscript.


Shelby’s Promise

My rates are based on 1000 words at a time. If you send me a 40,999 word manuscript, I will honor my 1000 word criteria, and you will pay for 40,000 words. It’s my gift to you. Note: If you have a document under 1000 words that you would like edited, price will be determined via email.

Editing Packages

Proofreading Package: $8/1000 words

This package provides basic proofreading for grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors before sending manuscript to an agent, editor, or publisher. Writer’s also receive title suggestions for every chapter and formatting help for Table of Contents, introductions, lists, graphics, and more.


Copy Editing Package: $12/1000 words

A popular package, writers will receive a line-by-line review on their manuscript. This package includes the proofreading package along with checking for word choice, sentence clarity, and redundancies. Editor will flag when citations are needed for quotes, facts, and more. For fiction and memoirs, I will also check for inconsistency in point of view, tense, and other areas.


Substantive Editing Package: $15/1000 words

This package is the best for your buck, and my process works a little different than many editors for the benefit of my clients. See note at the end of details.


Package includes:

  • Editorial Overview: major suggestions for manuscript changes in a 1-2 page document.

  • Organization Analysis: major changes to manuscript’s organization explained.

  • Chapter Analysis: examination of each chapter with short summaries describing what each chapter lends to the writer’s message.

  • Two Free Consultations: one to discuss writer’s manuscript before editing, and to discuss writer’s manuscript after substantive edit has been completed.

  • Copyediting package: see copyediting package for details.

  • Note: Generally, editors will perform both substantive editing and copy-editing in one pass through the manuscript. The problem with this is that substantive editing will likely require rigorous changes for the manuscript on the writer’s part, leaving a writer wondering if certain chapters need looked at yet again. To save you time and money, I complete the substantive edit first, let you make changes, and then copy-edit at the end. This means I read your manuscript twice, but you aren’t paying twice the amount. I know, you’re welcome!  


Consultation Package: $18/hour

To keep the cost down for writers, I have kept consultations separate from editing. Consultations are used to discuss edits or suggestions made to manuscript and include mentoring to help the writer improve on tone, dialogue, citing, clarity, and more.

Consultations occur via Skype, phone call, or meeting publicly (if local). These are held on an hour by hour bases, meaning that writers should plan to speak to editor for an hour or longer.

Client should prepare five topics or ten sections of their manuscript that they would like to cover as time allows.


  • Note: If these packages pose a problem financially, please let me know. I’m more than happy to work with you to set up a payment plan. I do require some money upfront, but we can figure out something that works for both of us. 

Contact Me

If you are interested in my services, you may e-mail me at shelbyhugheseditor@gmail.com.


  • Please include the following information in your email: name, manuscript title (if any), genre, word count, deadline (if any), package you are interested in, and first 3 pages of your manuscript.

  • I will look at the proposed project, edit the three pages, and then send them back to you.

  • We will proceed if we both feel I am a good fit for the project.