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The Cake, the Microphone, and the Rain.

After three sermons by three different pastors preaching on prophet Elijah, I'm paying attention. Here are the main points for each:

  1. There are times when we have given up, but God provides our basic needs for food and sleep rather than lecturing us. He provided Elijah with cake on coals. 1 Kings 19:6

  2. Sometimes fear has the microphone and paralyzes us, causing us to run and hide and maybe even fold, but God mobilizes us through His still small voice. We can go back and remember where He's been faithful and where He's shown His power. 1 Kings 19:12

  3. Rain is coming! We could despair, but we are so attune to His voice that we can discern what is about to happen. Fire from heaven fell on an alter in one simple and powerful prayer of faith to prove that "the Lord, he is the God." 1 Kings 18:39

I had stopped writing with excuses that I was just exhausted from being with kids all day long along with other circumstances that cannot be described here. While that's partly true, negative comments have been made that caused me to pause and question this gift for the written word. I never want to write words that waste your time, thus fear settled in.

I've had moments of defeat within motherhood because I'm exhausted from running with little preparation for the marathon. I need to learn to pace myself, not compare myself. There's so much freedom in how we parent our wonderfully, uniquely, beautifully made children.

Finally, I had given up hope because darkness and evil felt as though it might smother the Light and the Good as though Jezebel herself had come out of the grave with a brazen and blinded heart that she might make claims that are not true, right, or pure.

But the still small voice gets the final say then and now and forever.

The Father cares for His children.

Darkness will not prevail.

The veil has already been torn.

So yes, I've been hiding. Even now, wind causes rocks to fall and earthquake shakes the ground and fire burns all that's growing.

The rocks will not crush me.

The earthquake will not move me.

The fire will not burn me.

Why? Because God is my rock. God is my solid ground. God is my shield.

I'm looking back within my life to remember where He's been faithful and proved His power. I'm back on assignment: writer, mom and wife, but best of all, daughter to the King.

I could despair at the present darkness, but my heart is attune to God and His still small voice. Rain is coming because He reigns.

Note to self:

Eat cake.

Give the microphone to God.

Look for signs of rain.

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