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Shelby L.

Providing support and resources for grieving individuals and families. 

Every Little Life

Every Little Life is a collection of vignettes kept during and shortly after miscarriage in which the author journeys through scripture and grief. The vignettes are a lament for a child. Meant as a keepsake, Every Little Life includes scripture reading, scriptural coloring illustrations, and plenty of lined paper for journal writing. Also included are some contributions by other women who've experienced miscarriage or stillbirth. Shelby shares raw words alongside grief as she struggles to find the goodness of God in such an invasive, personal, and heartbreaking season.

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If you've experienced loss, you need this book.

"There’s grace for my grief. That’s my takeaway. While so many books on loss veer too strongly one way or another, Every Little Life provides the balance of managing grief and balancing it with grace. There’s space for my pain, but there’s also space for my hope and healing. Shelbys words (shared with raw truths, personal experience and Scripture) have been a healing balm.

I LOVE that it’s not just another book - there’s room for notes, the illustrations are gorgeous whether colored or not (I’m team coloring!) and it truly feels like a resting place for my feelings, rather than an instruction manual for how to move on..."
Amber Seabury

Good Christ-Centered Resource

"During our 3rd miscarriage, I needed constant encouragement & perspective to focus and grieve with hope in Jesus instead of to despair. This book pointed me to Jesus in every page. It continued to gently prod me to look to Him for my hope and healing instead of being consumed with the hurt. I also liked that it has a Bible passage and a theme verse for each reading, as well as room to fill in my own story as I read. This book is a great resource to anyone who has experienced miscarriage and pregnancy loss."
Courtney S.

A beautiful, cathartic read

"Shelby’s heartfelt writing provides a cathartic space for anyone who has experienced the loss of a child, whether born or unborn, to process and to grieve. This beautiful book can be a catapult to help others find healing. I truly believe it is a gift to the world and a quote-worthy affirmation of the inherent worth of every human life which is created in the image of God."
Rebekah Lynch

Upcoming Events

Shelby L. Hughes is currently homeschooling her daughters and writing her next book. Events will resume May 2024. Check back later for the schedule. If you are interested in hosting Shelby, use tab "Contact" at the top of this site. Thank you.


Get to Know Shelb:

Shelby L. Hughes is an author and grief resource writer who is dedicated to helping others find hope and healing. Through her writing and speaking engagements, she offers practical advice and emotional support to those who are going through a difficult time.

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