Some of us run toward change. Change the world. Change your life. Change the future.


Others of us struggle. We crave slow paces, live more fully when taking our time.


I get that. And because I get that, because I've been there, because I long for slowing, I've written this little devotional to encourage the ones who need time for the changes faced.


This series is filled with several short stories to encourage you through both life-giving and life-taking change. 


Here's what you'll find in this guide:

  • True stories to encourage you through your current change.

  • Seven action steps to help you conquer change.

  • Eight printable verses to display in your home.


This guide was created as a quick and easy read. Each day is only a few pages long and leads into a verse of scripture that you can meditate on throughout the day. 


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Let's conquer change together. 

2017 Shelby L Hughes | Greensburg, PA |