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Episode 9: Music And Dreams

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Ever wonder what the Bible really says about music? It's no wonder that there are many passionate opinions regarding music when it has the ability to evoke such emotion in just a few minutes. There is certainly music that we should listen to and music we should avoid. This podcast doesn't serve to boss your music list around, but to show you what positive music can do for your life and to show you an instance where God showed some of his glory after music was played in the Bible. While most of my episodes include quotes and stories, this episode tackles a bunch of scripture in hopes that you'll see how God views music. I briefly discuss how music helps us as we wait on our dreams for the future to unfold. I also include my top 10 list of artists that I've been listening to after facing a hard season in life.

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My Top 10 Artists:

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