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Change and BIG News

I don't welcome change.

Let the groundhog allude to more snow because even though spring is my favorite, the reality of time passing and buds blooming while my closet is filled with warm sweaters, tall boots, and pretty scarves, items representing the season when I gave birth to my youngest girl, leaves me longing for sameness.

And yet, flower buds were noticed when I stepped off my porch on this warmish, windy day. Why exactly do we let groundhogs determine change?

Season after season and year after year, I must come to terms with change. I suppose moving to Hawaii could be beneficial, but I would eventually long for the four seasons again, because while consistency is my happy place, inconsistency brings an array of beauty that I do enjoy once I've come to terms.

Just as seasons bring change, so does life.

How exactly do we choose contentment when a war chock-full of change takes over our very lives?

How does the new mom rest when rest is an unknown word in her new position?

Where does a girl turn when the actions of others leaves her longing for a blanket to hide beneath?

Why must the medical condition rule her body when life was just feeling normal?

When can mourning be turned to joy for the wife who lost her husband?

What will it take to reach a place where wholeness can encircle weakened hearts and souls?

Change will take place in all of our lives, some change in the form of precious babies and dream jobs and honorable husbands, and other change in the form of a scary diagnosis, a tragic death, or a job loss.

We all want to know contentment, but first we must conquer change.

While I don't always welcome change, change welcomes me, and God is involved in every beautiful and frustrating change that we face.

A few years ago, I created a blog called "The Content Mom." It moved from that to "The Content Mom: rejoicing, learning, and resting in grace." I needed this space to learn how to be content while taking on motherhood and the intense change involved with such a significant title, and many of you joined me on the journey, but now it's time to write for you, especially those of you experiencing an intense change, the kind that leaves you barely holding a single thread of hope.

In order to reach a place of contentment, we must first conquer the cyclone of change in our lives.

Though life doesn't go as planned, there are CONSTANTS found at the foot of the cross and in the beauty of holiness and these changes, these different plans, these unfamiliar places, become tapestries of trust when we place our hope in an unchanging God.

You can expect to see changes on my website in soon. I'm sure that navigating your way around will be fairly straightforward.

And finally, I saved the super exciting news for last (drum-roll please)...a FREE ebook will be offered to every single person who'd like a copy. There will also be a giveaway for one lucky someone. Keep in touch via Instagram & Facebook for details.

Friends, while I don't always welcome change, I've come to terms with this change, and I'm excited to serve you. Let's conquer change together.

" all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us." Romans 8:37

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