I grew up in a small cabin built by none other than my parents themselves. They had help here and there, but Dad drew up the blueprint, we moved hundreds of miles away, and they got to work. The home has yet to match the blueprint, but that's no surprise considering that a work of art is never fully finished—just as our lives will never fully finish.


I can remember using kerosene lamps for light, washing and drying clothes outside, hand-pumping water, carrying loads of firewood in from the snow, and chinking between each hand-raised log.


Change was slow and beautiful and paced. And then, one day, it wasn't.


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Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves in Matthew 22:39. 

I read that scripture for the first time when I was nine, but it didn't apply to me in the literal sense. When I was growing up, I lived in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia, and the nearest neighbor lived a mile away.

It didn't take long before I learned that, yes, it did indeed apply. Loving your neighbor might look like your next-door neighbor, bu...

Not long ago, I wrote my miscarriage story in a blog post which ended up getting republished on For Every Mom. I detailed some of the events surrounding our miscarriage from my perspective, hoping to help other women going through the same thing.

Recently, I've been reading this book called "Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving With Hope After Miscarriage And Loss,"and it's helping me heal from the loss we experienced in November of l...

*I share this story here not to bring you a sob story, but to give those going through a miscarriage or still feeling the effects of a miscarriage a resource. My amazing mother-in-law shared a miscarriage story with me when my husband I went through ours, and it was encouraging to know that all the emotions and heartache weren't lost on us alone. And be there any chance of a doctor reading this: I highly respect you people and...

Smoke fills my lungs as I near a fire that towers seven feet above me. I watch in terror as the wind shifts, and that fire takes on its own embodiment, turning itself toward our cabin. Mom springs into action, grabbing a nearby towel and wild with rage and fierceness, she beats the fire in front of her. She yells for my brother and sister to do the same and for me to get more water and towels.

Throwing the remaining water on...

I started writing a review of this year, and with every new thing I wrote, I paused long, shocked. It’s been a hard year. I wrote that in our Christmas letter, but the weight of seeing it all written down shook me. And it shook me too, because I know the one list item that derailed me, made me want to quit being faithful because it all hurt too much and why would God allow this of all things, of ALL things?

Sadie Robertson has a quote on her website that says, "Let's press past fear and pursue your passion," and I think that sums up the past few weeks for me.

You see, it's real hard to pursue passion when fear constantly rears its ugly head. It's also hard when there are so many ways to pursue that passion, but certainly not enough time in the day, and certainly enough people telling you how to make it happen. 

I have tried to purs...

If you are in the process of preparing for a wedding, I think it's just as important to prepare for your marriage. That said, this post is especially for you. For those who have been married for any length of time, I'm sure you'll find yourself nodding your head emphatically.

As we go through seasons of change, I think it's important to make sure that we are focusing on family. I hope you find these monthly posts helpful as you live life fully with those in your home. At the bottom of each post, you will find a Pinterest board with several ideas for the month. Take one or two or more (if you are ambitious) and spend quality time with your family.

I remember July's as a kid. School was out and everyo...

It's hard for many to breathe today.

Yesterday was a blur as I mourned for a family who lost a Dad, husband, brother, and son entirely too soon after a fatal automobile accident. There are no words, not enough words.

I had planned to share the words from another writer today, something I'll be doing each month, but I didn't realize how much they would resonate.

Today, let's be willing to hold the hands of those who can't breathe,...

Flames curl above me and dance in the wind. They lap like ocean waves against the hillside, spreading over the field. The heat tingles my face as I stand...

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