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The Fine Line Between Pursuing Passion and Knowing When to Say No: A Guide for Creatives

Updated: Feb 2

Sadie Robertson has a quote on her website that says, "Let's press past fear and pursue your passion," and I think that sums up the past few weeks for me.

You see, it's real hard to pursue passion when fear constantly rears its ugly head. It's also hard when there are so many ways to pursue that passion, but certainly not enough time in the day, and certainly enough people telling you how to make it happen.

I have tried to pursue my passion by using all of the "right," "proven," methods, but they always fall short, and they fall short because I've said yes to many things, leaving me with little time for the things I'm actually passionate about.

That said, I'm saying no to some things now, and talk about FEAR in capital and bold letters! When should we say no to something?

  • When we have little time to stop and rest.

  • When God is leading us in other directions.

  • When we just need to let it go for the sake of our souls.

  • When our boundaries need redefined.

  • When God or family is taking a backseat.

I fear that by not doing things the writerly way, I may fall flat. But even more, I fear that if I don't slow down and focus on the things God has placed before me, I'll miss out on them entirely.

After much consideration, I've decided to say no to writing a blog post every week. Rather, I will write one or two quality posts every month. Please understand that I am doing this for you, my husband, and my children. You all deserve quality, and I can't truly help you conquer change and live simply unless I, too, am doing the same.

Until the next post, here's a short read that may better describe what I'm trying to say. I love the sentence that says, "Peace rarely descends like a dove, instead it is practiced through small acts of courage which put fear in its rightful place." This is my small act of courage. I feel some fear with this decision, but I need some slowing down for the sake of all. I need some peace.

I love Kimberly's perspective on fear and peace here, and I hope you do, too.

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