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I grew up in a small cabin built by none other than my parents themselves. They had help here and there, but Dad drew up the blueprint, we moved hundreds of miles away, and they got to work. The home has yet to match the blueprint, but that's no surprise considering that a work of art is never fully finished—just as our lives will never fully finish.


I can remember using kerosene lamps for light, washing and drying clothes outside, hand-pumping water, carrying loads of firewood in from the snow, and chinking between each hand-raised log.


Change was slow and beautiful and paced. And then, one day, it wasn't.


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2017 Shelby L. Hughes | Greensburg, PA | shelbyhugheswriter@gmail.com

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Episode 3: Loving God Well

God is ever-present. Jesus is Emmanuel (God with us). Do you ever want to know God's love and love him back but you just don't know where to start or feel sorta disconnected? In this episode, I'll talk through my favorite way to read the greatest love letter written. You'll also learn the scripture that challenged me to finally start this podcast, and to make the time for the important things, serving in love instead of stress, because we must first make the time for he who created us with the ability to create.

Links + Resources in this episode: Scripture spoken in this episode taken from Luke 10.