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Episode 13: Trusting Your Story

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Each of us have pieces of our story that are hard to tell, pieces that we'd rather forget. But oftentimes, it's those stories that point us toward hope, toward redemption, toward peace. I don't know what pain or suffering has you feeling trapped today. It may be something present or, as presented in this podcast, it may be a story that happened years ago that continues to disrupt your life. I hope this episode reminds you that you can trust your story and entrust your story to God. For those of you who feel like God is angry with you or punishing you, this episode is especially for you.

From The Podcast:

Video by Chris Tomlin

The Artisan Soul by Erwin Raphael McManus

*Notes: I noticed after recording this podcast that I introduced this episode as episode 12. It's 13. I also called Erwin's book "The Artisan Way." It's definitely "The Artisan Soul." My apologies. We all need a lot of grace, and this just goes to prove that I'm a better writer than speaker.

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