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Episode 15: Empty Nest or Full Nest with guest Laura Thomas

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Laura: "All those years in diapers and doing the menial things, which, you feel like plucking your eyes out sometimes — nothing is wasted."

Our very first guest on Making The Time Podcast is Laura Thomas. She lives in Canada and is originally from the UK, the author of several books for young adults, and an almost "empty" nester. I think you'll discover that her life is far from empty. She's confident and full of wisdom, and I think you will love listening to her accent.

Laura talks about the stages and phases or raising children, and how we should celebrate the little milestones. Together, we talk about how sometimes the endings we are facing are the beginning of something new. If you are in the thick of raising children, this episode is for you. If your child is about to leave the home, this episode is for you, too. And If you are facing an ending of any kind, this episode is especially for you.

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