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Episode 6: Loving Your Friends

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

As a child, I assumed that the friendships I held then would last forever. However, not all friendships are meant to last forever. We grow up, and then a combination of events happen. We may move away. We may get married. We may have children. And with added responsibility that comes with being an adult, we have less and less time for the friendships we once held. We grow and move on and make a few new friends in the process. However, we can still make the time for those long-distance friendships. And in this episode, I will answer these questions:

How do we make the time for friends?

Why is it important to cultivate our friendships?

What are ways in which to make long distance friendships last?

What is the difference between seasonal and forever friendships?

In all the relationships we hold, there is nothing quite like friendship. We must make the time to develop them.

Links and Resources:

A Life For A Life by Dinah Maria Mulock

Frequently Misquoted words originally penned by John Boyle O'Reilly, not Thoreau as mentioned in podcast. Thanks, research.

*I have not yet read "A Life For A Life," so I can't vouch for it being a must-read, but it's on my bookshelf to read next, and it's free to read, so that's something.

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