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Episode 8: Writing Dreams

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

You have a dream that won't go away. It's sort of a lingering goal, one you may or may not be taking baby steps toward. In this episode, I am talking about those kinds of dreams, the ones that seem impossible or far off, but ones you can't stop thinking about. I talk about a man who won four Olympic gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics despite the ridicule faced, despite Hitler's opposition himself. I don't mention Hitler in my podcast, but you can read the whole story written by Jesse Owens, and that link is down below in the "From The Podcast" section. It's a great, easy read, and details how Jesse came to know God. In this episode, I also give my top 3 tips for writers and those who would like to start writing.

From The Podcast:

- Scripture from Psalm 37:3-5, KJV

- Jesse, A Spiritual Autobiography by Jesse Owens (There are a few options to purchase this book used. I'd recommend checking with your local library.)

- A Million Little Ways by Emily P Freeman (At this very moment, this amazing book is on sale! Hooray! Sales don't last long on Amazon, so I'd grab it on sale while you can.)

- Kristin Strong: website and book. (Oh, her book is also on sale, too. It just keeps getting better!)

- Carolyn Hommes: website and 10 Writing Tips For The Beginner guest post. (She doesn't have a book, but she has Instagram, and it's my favorite feed to follow.)

*Note: Affiliate links are included in this post. If you purchase one of these books above, I will receive a small compensation for sharing them here.

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